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A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Tue, February 07, 2012 18:58:42

4 out of the previously 15 rolls of undeveloped film are now developed and can be published for your viewing pleasure. I must admit I haven't quite mastered the expert techniques of analog photography. I've been so comfortable with my SLR's and now I can't look at the pictures, take new ones and delete the bad ones before I have to pay to get them developed, but that's also the beauty with analog cameras I suppose.

I will probably post most of them up on our tumblr under this is what we are, also a small reminder that you can also find our lovely Fan on tumblr now! Be sure to listen to that love cover she did, her voice is lovely which I already knew but this was a good reminder.

I must say sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade (a thought shared with others I believe), come on the noughties what did that give me? oh yeah 90's boots, Nevermind with Nirvana and Loveless with My Bloody Valentine. But where was I when you could twist your way out of trouble "like we did last summer" or like we're trying to do on the previous post and the biggest event in your life was seeing The Beatles? I know I shouldn't sulk about it and our time is pretty awesome but sometimes you can't help but to find yourself in a decade blues.

On completely other 2012 notes, I'm still mildly obsessed with Grimes but I'm also listening a lot to a band called New Look. I love how they are both contributing with vocals and have this very simple and easy going music to complete the whole thing. Their kind of like a more pop-electronic The xx, can I say that or is it stretching it a bit?

/// New Look - Nap On The Bow \\\

/// New Look - You and I \\\

xxx gibs

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