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A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Tue, October 04, 2011 19:47:12

My god the love for tumblr is growing fast, love finding pictures like the one above. Is it just me or can a whole lot of you feel the love for this guy?! That is so me, but with less weird late 80's/ 90's make-up.

Welcome October (fest)!

Last sunday I spent the day in bed which is a regular routine for me since I'm always a bit hungover and if I'm not my body creates these placebo hangovers just to keep me in bed. Sundays is also when I usually take the time to properly search the world wide web for info/trends/general cool stuff and other shit. This sunday I had the pleasure of being extremely indie-pretentious and deep watching "The Tree of Life" by Terrence Malick starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. After that I felt quite dumb for not getting the whole storyline and having to google it to read up on what I've spent two hours watching. A much easier but still very interesting film that I've been watching continuously during the week is "My Beautiful Launderette" by Stephen Frears. It's set in mid-eighties England (and filmed during that period) when race issues between white, black and asian groups were big (and still are?). Check them out!

Apart from watching movies all day I came across Dazed TV's new episode or whatever you'd call it of The Party. The video is basically Florence Welch boyfriend (I think :/ or so I've googled it but can you really trust the internet?) Stuart Hammond walking around Dazed and Confused's 20th birthday party at some cool hipster local in London. It's actually fun to watch and Stuart reminds me of some other funny guy with the good skills of looking slightly uncomfortable in every interview but still putting the H in humor in every one of them (or maybe it's just me with incredibly bad sense of humor). Among the the "famous"(in the sense that their quite know through out the cool hipster mag/blog/party crowd) people he interviews we meet Milo from The Big Pink, Florence Welch from Florence and the machine, S.C.U.M., Bo Ningen, Kreayshawn, Little Roy, the founder of Dazed and much more. Of course I sat there basically laughing my head of because of how much hipsterness it reeked of but still who would have said no to such an "exclusive" event probably with free drinks? Not me, I'd probably been somewhere in that crowded mess of hipster shining my with overly done hipster-outfit. Yes I hate to love it and love to hate it that's the big paradox of my life…shoot me.

Stupid blog wouldn't embed the video so here's the link to it ---> Dazed TV: The Party

Trust me you won't be disappointed! the level of entertainment it gives you (if you like watching hipsters doing hipster things and looking hipster) is HUGE.

///NEW Florence + The Machine - Shake it out\\\

Something I managed to pick up from those 30 mins of watching was Little Roy. A man who's gone below my radar for some time. He's made some covers of a couple of Nirvana songs and put a reggae touch to it AND it sounds good. I thought it would be perfect for me easing in to Nirvana by starting with Little Roy. What I'm trying to say is that I've never really listened to Nirvana (shame on me) but now I'll start or I'll have to throw away an awesome remade t-shirt I just bought with the Nirvana -logo printed on it. You see I can't stand people walking around with band tees when they've never heard the band. I just want to kill them all, it's a disgrace to the band and sometimes even dead band members. Therefore I've officially started listening to Nirvana, this may be a bit hypocritical of me but hey let's not fuss about that sscchh

x Gibs

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