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Let's Not Fight In That War

MusicPosted by Gibson Thu, September 22, 2011 17:00:03

Thought I'd keep up the flow here on the blog and write about last night when I got to see The War On Drugs play. There's a lot of things that make me happy in this world but one of the most treasured joys is when you get to see a genuinely good band play at their best and get the appreciation they deserve. We were about two to three hundred music hungry old souls with young hearts in the crowd. Consequently that means a jam-packed Lilla Hotellbaren (the venue in which they were playing) and although it was cold outside, inside the venue the temperature was running high and nobody was excused from sweating. The lovely aspect of having bands playing at Lilla Hotellbaren is that the venue sets the mood itself. Being such a tiny venue it's very intimate and the stage is basically not a stage. There's no hight difference between the floor and what is supposed to be the stage, this however makes (of all people) me nervous when having to stare into the bandmembers eyes.

Drinking was absolutely not included in the schedule due to it being wednesday (I've never really embraced the swedish concept of seeing wednesday as "little saturday") and having to wake up early next day. Thankful for being with friends that had similar reasons for not drinking (to tired, getting over a cold etc etc), I was in good company and this was a show you could easily enjoy without the drink. This doesn't say that the third most preoccupying thought (one being; jesus it's hot in here! and two; this is a fucking great band) was "I reaaaalllly want a beer NOW!". It felt kind of mature and grown up and hey even the band was just drinking water or so I thought until I heard something about whisky sours on the stage.

If I would describe the band I would definitely say they looked….plain, you know they could easily have been the typical average (american) Joe. They were all (except for the drummer) wearing worn out jeans with checkered shirts and half of them were sporting the long rock/hippie/"I live in the middle of the USA"-hair. Nothing special in that yes but they (more then enough) made up for it in their music. These guys are musically talented, they were able to make/create the biggest sounds I ever experienced in that venue. It sounded like it did on the record but like a hundred times better and their albums are pretty awesome on their own. The singer sounds a bit like Bob Dylan which was something that got me hooked in the first place and their songs have this vintage feel to them. Almost like Tame Impala but with some more modern elements to it. As I previously wrote they have a big sound and it's definitely held up by their magnificent drummer. Their long instrumental parts are definitely made for a live audience to experience, it consumes you and drags you deep into its vortex. I know I say this about most of the bands I see but this is a band that needs to be experienced live just to really understand their music.

I brought my camera to the gig so hopefully there will be some pictures up on the blog or on tumblr eventually. Oh and apparently (according to the singer) we're the most beautiful crowd after Michigan! How (not) unexpected isn't that?

Here's my favorite song with them and beautifully directed video by Peter J. Brant (and produced by Urban Outfitters, huh?):

///The War On Drugs - Come To The City \\\

x Gibs

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