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Blue Fever

Panic On The Streets of London

Blue Fever on..Posted by Gibson Tue, August 09, 2011 02:10:05

I'll start this with The Simths song:


All hell is breaking loose in London and here I sit safe in my bed restless and sleepless. When Kaiser Chiefs released their song "I Predict A Riot" I don't think they had predicted anything like this. From what I've seen it's close to full on war on the streets and it can't be stopped. From the north (Tottenham) and currently spreading east through Hackney the police, who seem to stand dumbstruck and powerless, have not been able to restore order to the city. What started as a peaceful and friendly demonstration to make a point has developed to a rampage against police and authority and then evolved to an ancient plunder quest to loot as many footlockers, HMVs, local food and restaurant shops etc etc. Jesus Christ Londoners wake up and grow up! Think of the consequences for once, this is not the way to act, this is not the way to voice your opinion. What you've done/ are still doing is erasing those minor steps you've taken towards justice and equality. These riot makers have plundered, burnt and in general destroyed hard working peoples businesses and workplaces. How little shame and respect can you have in your body when you go and destroy another mans way of making a living in an already hard enough world. Everyone who has the slightest connections to London knows how fucking hard it is to earn those pounds. Money certainly doesn't grow on trees in London. So, as I assume that these youth riot maker aren't rich they should have a better understanding of their communities and neighbors.

In the end, and we all know how this is going to end…one way or another the authority will grasp control and there will be retribution which will not just affect them but all of us...

And In these wise words of The Clash I end this post:


x Sleepless Gibs

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