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Blue Fever

London Riots

Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Tue, August 09, 2011 18:30:53
I don't even know what to say. There is nothing even remotly normal, right or sensible said or done here. This is just twisted. How can people do this to each other and say things like this? It's shocking, it's depicable..

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London is burning, England is burning

Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Tue, August 09, 2011 16:53:13
London Riots

What the fuck is this? All London prison cells are full. Why? Are people fighting for a cause? Is it wild teenagers going berserk because they are angry at society? I've been thinking that something's about to go down, something to define our generation but I thought that revolution was in the air. This is not revulotion! This is greed! People of all ages are running around destroying their own town, even their own areas in their own town. They are running around looting shops, burning innocent people's homes and businesses down and having a laugh doing it.

I'm sitting here safe and sound in my flat watching the love of my life burn. I got back just in time yesterday, if I had stayed at Sagas a little longer it would have been hell getting back home and most likely I would have found myself in the middle of the riot in Clapham.

London is burning, in so many ways. As if that's not bad enough the fire has spread and inspired riots in the rest of england as well. Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, it's such a mess!

"This fire is out of control we're gonna burn this city"

There's a riot going on and for what reason? None. It's not political, not social so what is it for? Nothing. It's all for nothing. All for nothing. Even if it was for a cause I have to agree with this:

I'm fucking tired of this world. Can we please make this stop!

"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one"

I'm not promoting anarchy but if only people could love more and hate less. Let's bring back some peace love and understanding, that never gets old!

I urge everyone to "give the world some love today baby"!!

"Everybody's gonna love today"

I agree with who ever wrote this on the customer info board!

Peace, love and understanding. Get out there and get some random acts of kindness started! Let's get together and define our generation, define it as a loving one! Enough with this madness!


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Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Fri, August 05, 2011 18:07:35
//First I was like smiley ..then it was Friday..//

My life is very upside down you see. I have Sunday-Thursday off and then I work Friday and Saturday. Therefore, I hate Fridays. It's a little bit like being on holiday when everyone's working and then when a big party finally comes around you have to go to your nans funeral or something. This weekend is particularly shit because it's Field day. My friends are going and I'm gonna be stuck in Club NME hell. I hate Fridays. It wouldn't be that bad if I liked my job, but I don't. I'm done with it.

It's also quite tricky to live on £80 a week. So how about getting a new one? Haha I'm shit at applying for jobs but the circumstances are forcing me to do it. So here we go.

Running 'Sort out my life 1.1'

A little bit of The Wannadies -Bagsy me and Be a girl and a little bit of Doris - Did you give the world some love today, baby? usually does the trick. Through in some Villagers -Becoming a jackal, a whole lot of Fixers and I'm half way there. And some of the 40s - 60s classics I dropboxed Gibs the last night. Let's do this!!

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Without the fame

Rock star without the famePosted by JD Fri, August 05, 2011 05:15:45

I was talking to JJJ about heroin.

-My friend died of heroin recently.

-Oh shit that sucks

-Yeah you know kkk, it was his best mate xx yyy, he used to hang around the mill a lot the last 6 months.

-yyy? Does he have a brother?

-yeah, in hastings, nnn yyy

-nnn yyy? My friend used to go out with him when we were 17. Met him at the mill

-You think it's the same guy?

-Tall, dark and handsome?

-Yeah, yeah thats him. xx was fucking handsome. So fucking charming you would never have guessed -he was a smackhead. He was on methadone treatment. Ended up taking a whole weeks supply of methadone and then he shot up and died.

-How old was he?


-Fucking sad. What's wrong with this country?

-Yeah I know.

OD on heroin when you're 22. Why? Why is this world so shit? And why is everyone dying right now? As if the reaper came down to earth and thought to himself "I might as well take a few extra while I'm at it to save me the trouble later on."



and please don't do heroin, even if you might think it's a good idea it's not fair on the people around you

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When bored, mindfuck yourself

Juvenile rantingsPosted by JD Fri, August 05, 2011 04:29:13

I went to Dave's last night, he's been on my case lately about coming over to see his new place. You know the song Dead end street by the Kinks. That's pretty much it. Even though it speaks to the fuck all, let's live on nothing, get fucked and make brilliant music, hippie romantic in me I don't know if could ever live like that. Never tried. Dave seems happy though.

After being trapped in my own flat with Sebastian and some northern light for a couple of days it wasn't much of a challenge to resist having a puff on one of Dave's three spliffs. Only three in 5 hours or whatever. Impressive. I also stood my ground when it came to closeness and made sure that every attempt to get even slightly intimate was acknowledged and made awkward. Making things awkward, one of my many talents when it comes to relationships and social situations in general.

I was doing fine till the sandman came knocking. That's when I realized how difficult it is to be in bed with someone who genuinely likes you, listen to Warpaint and stay on your side of the bed. Yes, you heard me, he genuinely likes me. What? Guys never really like me. They think they do but in the long run I'm always too manly, too girly, too quiet, too loud or simply too psycho. I suppose it's fair play, I never like them for long. Most of them get on my nerves faster than I can say boyfriend.

This one though, likes me. (???I think???) We have barely spoken since March after "he took a hint and got lost". His own words. I guess I was quite open with him from the start, let him know that I can only get so close to someone. So what the fuck did I go and do all this for? Huh?

Note to self: Just because you made a pact with Saga to stop being boring and stop turning everything down that doesn't mean you should go and make things complicated and mess with your own head. Complicated does not equal fun.

I like him. I like him more than anyone I've ever been with, but I still don't want to be with him. Then he strokes my hair, doesn't think I'm a freak for wanting to lay down on the floor and listen to Arthur Brown and stare at the ceiling, and I just can't help but going back. He really is the sweetest guy. Then I find myself in his bed unable to sleep because my mind is too busy having minor panic attacks. Feeling all trapped and stuff.

Time to stop mindfucking myself, get some sleep and get a life.

Feel free to laugh at my sad, tired and broken mind. This one is on me.

Peace out

Btw, who would've guessed that he would be the first one ever to notice that it's pretty much impossible to define the colour of my eyes. Lame.

Oh and Dave if you happen to stumble over this blog and read this: hallå tusse :D

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Here we go Again

A bit of everythingPosted by JD Tue, August 02, 2011 21:20:36
Check this out:

no sense make sense


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60 Park Road

Juvenile rantingsPosted by JD Wed, July 27, 2011 02:50:34
I'm laying on the kitchen floor all alone. Tomorrow I'm gonna go and stay with Saga in Kentish Town for a couple of days since Dan and Alabama are away. That's gonna be really nice and it will be cool to catch up with Saga properly. But I can't help but miss this:

Black out Thursdays!!

It truly is a shame that those glorious days are over..

//60 Park Rd 4Ever//

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Orange Drop - Ginger Girl

MusicPosted by JD Tue, July 26, 2011 23:50:13

Hahaha might not be their best song but somehow the title speaks to me.. Post ironic wink

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MusicPosted by JD Tue, July 26, 2011 23:49:10
If you, like me, are mad about 60s psych pop, might even be part of the reason you moved to a country like, say erhm England.. Maybe that's just me.. Anyway check this out!! I just stumbled over this blog: about 60s and 70s psych pop and with these brilliant compilations which you can download here:

60s Psych Pop Treasures Vol. 1

60s Psych Pop Treasures Vol. 2

60s Psych Pop Treasures Vol. 3

Jeez it's a proper gold mine!


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