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A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Fri, October 14, 2011 00:24:17

Buzzzzy buzzzzzy week where did you come from?

How did it go from care free Sunday with no mails, no plans for the week, no nothing to uni,uni,uni,work,work,work, cheese feast, events and djing?! Come on Satan you can't just throw it on me, a little heads up would be nice.

I'm used to constant chillaxin' and being in the state of mind which is so gallantly depicted in this picture…


I'm getting more and more tempted and inspired to get our Tumblr going. Giving it a fresher look and being more active and posting our on pictures and shit. The blog is definitely also in need of a face lift which I'm hoping the Chief and I can work on while she's here on her little 'vacances'. Can't wait for that and then me crossing the mini-pond a week after that to make LND a bit more unsafe again since the riots (hehehe).

Winter is hitting us hard from the start and even if the suns out you're still in ice cold hell I've basically spent all my money on three different pairs of shoes and three coats. I'm prepared to be run over by winter, bring it b******! Also when seasons change people get creative and release new stuff whether it's a magazines (RADAR great web based magazine from Stockholm combining everything we've always wanted to read about) or music.

A band which we've all loved, been slightly annoyed with, then hated and then gone back to loving and in the end appreciated on the dance floor and in our ipods are Justice. They've been our friends for some years and we have never been alone after they entered our lives. They've made us D.A.N.C.E. once so the possibilities and expectations that they'd makes us D.A.N.C.E. once more is/was high. After hearing first one song (Civilisation), people were like "this is shit, but hey you can't judge a book by its cover", then the other song came and people were like "this can't be it?! have we waited for 4 years for this shit? okay, I'm just gonna pretend "glamour" myself", third songs a charm? I don't think so and then we got a album medley….yawn. This just goes to prove that taking a break and being silent as the grave for a couple of years like our beloved Mr.Vek does not work for everyone in this business. My little (ultra-mini) obsession/guilty pleasure with their new song Audio,video,disco is stuck on repeat in my mind and there's no way of getting over it than to keep listening to it over and over and over again until I faint of exhaustion.


Talking about the hipster world and how it keeps giving me the laugh attacks that I need to make it through my life, there is now a trailer to The only way is Dalston (MTV production about Hipsters in London) and won't my life be complete when this starts to air?! YEEEEEEEEEEEAYY Now we hipsters have a show! *superhappytypicaljapanesemangasmile*

Watch it over at VICE

While on the topic of hipsters here's some other funny sites:



**Side-note** There has to be an end to this pandemic of dye dipping your hair in all the crazy fucking colors of the rainbow. Yes we know you're cool and alternative but hey wake up and smell the shit we're all hipsters whether you dye dip your hair or not. I'm tired of seeing it, please all hipsters, from one hipster to another, stop dye dipping that hair!

x Gibs

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