Blue Fever

Blue Fever


MusicPosted by Gibson Sun, October 09, 2011 21:01:56

Oi Oi lot where's my umbrella at?

DJ-battles, what are we to make out of them?

One thing I know is that slamming on dubstep in Sweden when there is tops three people in the whole country that gets it is just stupid. Obviously that mistake would be T-shirt stores loss and our (Beyond Retro's) gain in this battle. We won of course and walked of proud to be carrying our Beyond Retro canvas bags. So now you know I was at a dj-battle last night, fun fun fun.

Today was spent jumping around to Beyoncé, here new video for the song "Countdown" taken of her latest album "4", its brilliant! This song will probably be included in my morning routine (songs like this is why I get out of bed and why I'm all sweaty before I've even left the apartment in the morning).

/// Beyoncé - Countdown \\\

x Gibs

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