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Blue Fever

GIRLS \\\I Wish I Was A Girl\\\ GIRLS

MusicPosted by Gibson Sat, September 24, 2011 15:31:37

Sometimes, just sometimes I wish my life was more like a Girls video…

hahahahaha I love that the most liked comment on the "Lust For Life" -video on youtube is; "This is the whitest thing I've ever seen". HEAR HEAR! Someone's got humor!

I love the weekend when it's filled with super fun things that are not just "let's go out and have drink at this bar or go this club". Yesterday one of my friends had a birthday party where we just had dinner at her place without having the pressure of that we had to go out. Sometimes, just sometimes the best times are spent at home around someones table in the company of friends and alcohol.

/// Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis \\\

This was randomly found in the process of writing this, not that I haven't heard her before but this acoustic version of this song was really good. There's something with her voice which can't keep me from ignoring this even if its in its outmost marginal of what I listen to.

And the party weekend goes on.

x Gibs

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