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A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Fri, September 02, 2011 01:38:22

You've probably guessed it already, I didn't make it to that lecture at 8 a.m….surprise surprise. One day in and the slacker inside of me has already creeped out, brilliant.

After being at uni today and realizing I'll probably have to waste money on books I'm only going to read once and then getting bitch slapped in the face with "hey-girl-you're-now-an-adult-so-the-price-for-a-traveling card- is-2300 kr" (first reaction being: FUCKERS). I wandered off into a rainy city center muttering and swearing under my breathe but loudly enough for people to think I'm a freak and frankly…SO WHAT?! If you're angry you're angry let it out!

However to lower the suspicion of schizophrenia I called my dad and yelled out my frustration into the phone (somehow you're less crazy if you yell into a phone) while I was walking down to NK (a posh shop with all the posh brands under one roof) to see Patti Smith. When I reached the red rope-excluder (no idea if that's what it's called in english) still screaming and at the same time smiling I thought I'd gone mad. There was Patti Smith, wonderful, old, cool Patti Smith and a guard, two ladies working at NK breathing over her neck, this MASSIVE queue and around 50 people just standing in a circle trying to get as close as you could get without standing in the queue to get the perfect spot for a picture.

I felt horrible for joining those desperate fans resembling amateur "paparazzis" in an attempt to leave the place with the best photo. Patti (the angel) just sat there minding her on business (kind of), greeting people, signing books and smiling like (music) royalty and what were we doing? dribbling over her like hungry dogs. As you see I'm not a big fan of taking pictures of artists, if they're not on a stage it's not okay. I must have met up to 50 bands/artists/well known people by now and never except for once or twice (with no initiative taken from my side) have it ended up in a silly little photo. Where initially you look stupid and overwhelmed and the other person looks cool with a smile that say "how the fuck did I end up between these kids? aa who cares I get payed in the end, smile and wave boys smile and wave". I quickly departed from NK when I realised there was no way I was going to be able to use my skills to get a head in the queue + I couldn't stand myself being so needy for a picture + the film finished after five shots. Leaving her to the old and greedy I hurried out of that store (there's just so much you can take of a posh environment) with my mental snap shot of this incredible woman.

XxXxX gibs

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