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Blue Fever

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A bit of everythingPosted by Stella Wed, August 31, 2011 16:06:41
So, I've now realised what missing Twitter is like. About 5 seconds ago I really missed it. Because I felt like telling people that Carl Barat shuffled on to my iPod and his voice makes me weary. That little piece of ABSOLUTELY USELESS information is the sort of stuff I'm saving aaall my 52 followers from these days. And myself from the humiliation of tweeting about it. AND my poor brain from knowing that Mr Green might read them all or maybe he won't read at all.

Fail update #2: Checked out my new place on the London tube map. I'm about one millimetre from being a zone 1 kind of person. Now I'm a just outside zone 1 kind of person.

Also I'm a very unemployed kind of person and today explored the great adventure of changing my jogging round to dancing obnoxiously in the living room for about an hour. Level of workout: equal.

Piece of cake out

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