Blue Fever

Blue Fever

Festival Madness Part III

MusicPosted by Gibson Fri, August 26, 2011 09:08:07

Good Morning Punters!

[Here comes an update that originally was meant for yesterday but is coming up now, I'll try to write a little update for today and post i tonight.]

Oh the madness has actually begun and I'm the only one not feeling it yet. I may have landed the easiest job at the festival, chatting with punters, volunteers, eating candy, updating twitter, keeping an eye on the situation and just cillaxing. We'll definitely have to change that till next year since there's been a whole lot of people crashing and burning with endless piles of stuff to do. Yesterdays expected pressure release at Södra Teatern did not happen. I had higher hopes for that day which means that two hours before Arcade Fire might be the fucking nightmare before Christmas today.

After a long day of hard work we installed ourselves at the hotel. My room (which I share with Arina) could be described as heavenly. We have this massive window overlooking the whole festival area, the big stage and the suburbs. How incredibly convenient it must be to check in here timing the festival. Wouldn't pass on buying some beer and standing on the smoking-balcony and watching Arcade Fire. Both Arina and I love living at hotels and could of course not consider the fact that our wake up call would go off in 5 hours. So sleeping right away after checking in was no option, drinking beer, jumping on the bed, exploring the hotel and listening to music however was totally welcomed.

You know your close to getting the show on the road when you can here them soundcheck from your hotel room. P R E T T Y F U C K I N G E X C I T E D at 1 p.m. the gates open for the public. A lot of people have been wondering why we even bother with this when we're not even getting paid. But the fact is that we ARE getting paid but not in physical money, you know the feeling you get when you've achieved something or when people admire you and are so grateful for making their night the best. That is a payment in itself, a mental payment that boosts your ego (which can be good and bad for some) but also makes you feel useful in this anonymous world we live in. These are hands down one of the best days of the year!

The current weather sees no sunshine but that doesn't mean it won't show or that you won't sweat like a pig because of the humidity. Another thing you may rejoice in is that Fan will be attending the festival as my free guest and since I wont be able to report about anything concerning the actual gigs. She'll probably be the blogs eyes in fron of the stage and I'll be the eyes behind the stage and production. We're all probably looking forward to Arcade Fire tonight therefor the choice of festival song for today will be Arcade Fire inspired. This is an amazing cover on Arcade Fires song. But wait WHO THE FUCK IS THE ARCADE FIRE?!?!?!?!

///The Suburbs - Mr.Little Jeans\\\


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