Blue Fever

Blue Fever

Music from Mars

MusicPosted by Stella Thu, August 25, 2011 19:46:33

These two men loyally accompanied me throughout March this year and so James Blake's almost perverse fascination for odd noises and Justin Vernon's auto tuned voice are very dear to me to say the least. Accordingly, when I heard that they were doing stuff together all the rules for this summer went out the window. "The rules" are really just one big music ban; No Bon Iver, no Fleet Foxes, no Radiohead, no James Blake, no Mean Lady. Basically nothing that under any circumstances could cause me any greater emotional stirs. Well, it was fun while it lasted but it was bound to break eventually. And so, here it is. The colab that could be nothing but beautiful and absolutely fucking fatal.

The weekend hasn't even begun and already I'm crawling around in a hungover state of confusion. I've had a call from the police about a friend who never got home from my "party" and so was listed as missing, hence the upsetting call that woke me up from my alcohol reeking self indulgence. The conversation that followed was slightly bizarre and a bit freaky and before I understood what it was all about I tried to imagine in my head what sort of crimes my friends could have possibly committed on the short way home from my house. But as it turned out the only thing that really happened was my friend Hannes disappearing on a whim because he "couldn't sleep" and so decided to piss off for about 15 hours. Lovely guy that.

Time is catching up on me and I don't like it. But I'm seeing Arcade Fire tomorrow and shouldn't complain. Popaganda 2011 here we go.

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