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Blue Fever

Festival Madness Part II

MusicPosted by Gibson Wed, August 24, 2011 23:45:41


If you didn't know that you could download both of the EP's from The Weeknd, I'm telling you to do it and do it here

Way down south in this little world we live on people are fighting for their freedom and here we are planning a festival. it's surreal and weird to think about how we're all the same but in such different situations depending on your location in this world. When eavesdropping on the Sky News report a minute ago I got this brilliant idea, to forget about the festival and go on that lucrative manhunt for Khaddafi. Imagine £ 1 000 000 for finding that guy dead or alive, I'd be sorted for life man!

Anyway today's been another beautiful day of preparations in for the festival. Everyone's been busy busy getting everything organized before the bands start rolling into Stockholm. Everything is basically bought and the amazing stage workers are building our two stages as we speak (to be honest I don't know how they do it, one of the hardest working people in the crew fo sure). The organizing-crew is moving into the hotel tomorrow which means delicious hotel breakfast (nom nom nom) and some of us have already had their first traditional swim in one of the swimming pools we've got inside the festival area. A.k.a everything is A-okay, swell and dandy!

Tomorrow we'll be setting up a little camp at Södra Teatern handing out wristbands in exchange for a ticket. Which is always good fun and a welcomed opportunity to release some of the pressure we might have on us during friday and saturday. We're hoping that more people will face that hill and not be discouraged by that never ending walk which reminds you of your poor fitness and health. Last year we had around 2000 that came in, we're definitely expecting more and with there being a little pre-party afterwards it should look like a win-win situation for everyone.

Last thing we did these evening was to sort out some riders and rearrang things and by mistake we cut a hole in a bottle of Mnt. Dew. And oh sweet jesus what a tasty soda it is, thank god for which ever band that ordered it! Because instead of letting it all pour out we all had a little sip from that delicious beverage + it got me all hyper now. Or maybe it's just the festival anxiety/excitement that's got me going.

///More festival music here, Delorean filmed by Yourstruly\\\

In other news I haven't got much to share, found this though:

Our two golden boys collabing (and NO I'm not talking about Jay-Z and Kanye)

///James Blake + Bon Iver - Fall Creek Boys Choir\\\

Peace until tomorrow when I'll be writing from the hotel probably


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