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Festival Madness Part I

MusicPosted by Gibson Wed, August 24, 2011 00:38:38

Good Night, here's a little reader for ya!

It's time for a back to…- post, no matter what it is, back to school, back to uni, back to autumn, back to dull, grey and meaningless everyday work, it's a fresh start. It also means new stuff, new wardrobe, new equipment, new schedule, new trips, new people. We should really change the dates for new years to now instead. For me this is when the new year begins, when you leave slow, hot and lazy days behind you and get creative and actually complete stuff. The curator of the last summer shebang is of course in Stockholm the Popaganda Festival 26-27/8 which I'm a proud member of. It's some few hectic days till we open up and spread the love but If I happen to be too busy (a.k.a. too tired and lazy) to update the blog during this week. Don't fret, because we have someone updating the Popaganda blog with lots of fun stuff everyday now. I will however do my utmost best to not slack off with this.

We have installed ourselves at our temporary at the festival-area and building has already started. The weather has so far been good and we have to hope it'll stay this way through out the week. All the hard work won't really start until thursday for me. That's when we welcome everyone that wants to avoid standing in a MASSIVE queue when Arcade Fire is about to play to get their wristbands in advance. We'll also have some swedish bands playing (Dante, Robert Svensson) as a reward/pre-party for everyone who's been a good boy/girl and got their wristbands. If you follow our blog you may have read something about how I lost my Nikon D3000 at a James Blake concert so now I'm pleasantly forced to use my analog cameras. These will come to good use since they're small and handy, one tomorrows tasks will obviously be buying a bunch of film-rolls.

Here's one of our Headliners doing an acoustic little number:

///Lykke-Li - I Follow Rivers @ Lollapolloza\\\

Okay, enough festival-talk it will be continued tomorrow (I promise). I am however going to stay on the topic of music, today luv luv luv records outed a little Florence + The Machine-teaser for the new album and a new song called "What The Water Gave Me". As the big Florence fan I still am (considering the not so wonderful meeting I had with her last year) I jumped with joy over a new song and jumped even more when it wasn't shit. Hear it for yourselves, form an opinion, will the album stink or just set her of into another dimension of success?

///Florence + The Machine - What The Water Gave Me\\\

Except for that I've also been enjoying Warpaint's re-work on a song they recorded a while back called "Billie Holiday". It's magic, pure magic! I love these girls, could have died to see them at Way Out West this year but nooo I was at home. Hopefully the sun will shine on me and they'll get a gig in Stockholm soon enough. The autumn calendar of gigs is getting better and better by the minute with Yuck, Friendly Fires, The Horrors, PJ Harvey, The War On Drugs, Oh Land, Yelle, Architecture in Helsinki etc etc.

///Warpaint - Billie Holiday\\\

xxx Gibs

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