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Blue Fever

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A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Sat, August 13, 2011 21:45:34

Complete darkness and the clock haven't even reached ten yet. Autumn is on it's way. Life is about to end. Sunny days are over. I'm exhausted after work so my "after work" was switched from drinks and socializing (although that seems impossible now that everyone's emigrated to Gothenburg for a week) to food food food, all you can eat, my bed and the new wannabe Mad Men series "The Hour".

BBC produced we get the Mad Men-series but across the pond. I was sceptic at first that I must say but after watching an episode I'm now pleasantly surprised! It's amazing, it's like Mad Men in some areas (periodically, setting etc) but with more interesting twists and the irresistible english accent (cherry on the top for us anglophiles). Just finished the first episode and there is no way I'm waiting a week so through "magic" I happened to find the three other episode which have already been aired in the UK. My night is saved!

Ok, going to leave the writing for now it's time to fall deeper into the 50's, murder mysteries and good tailoring. How fitting that everything turned from light to darkness in my room, mother nature setting the mood…

x Gibs

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