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A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Sat, August 13, 2011 00:06:49

To keep a better track of which albums I've been listening to through out the year I've made a folder called "Albums of the month" on itunes containing different playlists for each of the months. Since I've just thought of this brilliant idea I've only got July and August in there. I figured the end goal with the folder will be to have a better understanding of my favorite albums so it will be easier to wright an "end of the year"-review on the whole shebang AND save myself from all musical sins of not buying records by buying my top ten records of the year on vinyl at the end of the year. What do you think? quite an amazing idea, right?

So far on my heavy rotation for August I've managed to track down the new album from Blood Orange, The War On Drugs, Memory Tapes, Digitalism and Theophilus London. July had good turn out as well with Bon Iver, Love Inks, Chad Valley, Gang Gang Dance, Austra, Wu Lyf, Aloe Blacc, Tom Vek, Young Montana, Patrick Wolf, Is Tropical, Iceage, Friendly Fires, Little Dragon, SBTRKT, The Horrors, Kurt Vile, Explosion In The Sky, Planningtorock, Tune-Yards and Washed Out (phew that was more than I expected). Have in mind though that these albums may have had their official release dates before July but it's only up until that month when I could get a hold of them. Wu Lyf quickly became a personal favorite last month and I'm almost crying myself to sleep because I'm not at Way Out West this weekend (AWESOME swedish festival in Gothenburg), instead I'm at home being responsible, thinking a head and working as much as I can to earn the kronas.

Stockholm haven't fallen asleep just because half the hipster crowd has invaded Gothenburg, oh no…the other more fashionable half decided to stay in our lovely town and host Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week S/S 12. I could indulge you in what little I know about this but I won't embarrass myself with that. Therefor I'll leave it to a person I admire greatly to do the talking for me, Susie Lau, Bon Magazine gave her a video camera and a mic and told her to give her reflections on the different shows she went to. I'm no big fan of following trends, frankly I think buying anything over 900 kr ($138, €97 or £84) that is not shoes, winter jackets or an amazing dress for a special occasion a waste of money no matter how pretty it is. I like to have a big selection of clothes to choose from maybe that's why me and Beyond go like two and two together. But keeping an eye open on what's going on in the world is always good and Susie always tells it like it is.

If I however was rich and could spend money on expensive clothing my first choices would be our wonderful swedish brands HOPE, V Avenue, Cheap Monday (which is not that expensive actually), Minimarket and Local Firm. They make stylish and natural clothes, usually I'm not that into prints. I like simple and easy probably why I spend a lot of my money at AA..

Wow I've really been stepping out of my music bubble these last few posts. Aaaahhh unfamiliar grounds go back go back. Yes thank you, I think I will. See you in the next post when I go back to useless banter and music.

Stay safe (especially you crazy english fools that I love so much) x Gibs

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