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London is burning, England is burning

Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Tue, August 09, 2011 16:53:13
London Riots

What the fuck is this? All London prison cells are full. Why? Are people fighting for a cause? Is it wild teenagers going berserk because they are angry at society? I've been thinking that something's about to go down, something to define our generation but I thought that revolution was in the air. This is not revulotion! This is greed! People of all ages are running around destroying their own town, even their own areas in their own town. They are running around looting shops, burning innocent people's homes and businesses down and having a laugh doing it.

I'm sitting here safe and sound in my flat watching the love of my life burn. I got back just in time yesterday, if I had stayed at Sagas a little longer it would have been hell getting back home and most likely I would have found myself in the middle of the riot in Clapham.

London is burning, in so many ways. As if that's not bad enough the fire has spread and inspired riots in the rest of england as well. Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, it's such a mess!

"This fire is out of control we're gonna burn this city"

There's a riot going on and for what reason? None. It's not political, not social so what is it for? Nothing. It's all for nothing. All for nothing. Even if it was for a cause I have to agree with this:

I'm fucking tired of this world. Can we please make this stop!

"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one"

I'm not promoting anarchy but if only people could love more and hate less. Let's bring back some peace love and understanding, that never gets old!

I urge everyone to "give the world some love today baby"!!

"Everybody's gonna love today"

I agree with who ever wrote this on the customer info board!

Peace, love and understanding. Get out there and get some random acts of kindness started! Let's get together and define our generation, define it as a loving one! Enough with this madness!


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