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A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Mon, August 08, 2011 00:39:22

pic by Arvida Byström

Not long ago now, one of my bestest of friends told me that she had read that summer would be over in exactly 13 days. There's just two ways to respond to that; 1. What awful human being goes around predicting such things and then puts in the paper just to make us all jump on the depressed-train to cold town?! and 2. He or she might just be right, I can feel it in the air it's getting colder. It actually felt a bit chilly when walking home yesterday evening, I even wished I had my jacket with me and when you start wishing for jackets you know you're in trouble. Also today's weather has been little more than constant monsoon rain. Couldn't be bothered to step outside let alone out of bed so I spent the whole day in bed with Vice's new photo issue in my hand and my trusted friend Louis XIV a.k.a. my computer (Yes. I'm the silly person who names her computer. But I know for a fact that I'm not alone).

When I go on my lunch breaks at work I have 45 mins to dispose of in anyway I can and want to. Usually I try to eat something or stare in to the wall a bit, maybe check my fb for some notification and invites, my phone for texts, watch a Jeremy kyle episode but most of the time I pick and chose from our overstocked pile of free "hipster" magazines we get to the store. Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading volume 8 nr.7 "The photo issue" of Vice. I suspect that many of you have heard of Vice but since we seem to have a big following in China maybe you haven't? I have no idea of how far Vice have managed to stretch its craziness in the world. Anyways it's a magazine based in numerous cities with a bunch of contributors from around the world who add their weirdness and genius to the beloved magazine. I've read some really weird shit in that magazine and it still keeps me entertained and laughing by myself in our staff room at Beyond Retro.

In this issue except from laughing my head off and shaking it in distress over some of the things that made me almost gag up my food, I fell in love with this all female photo collective "The Ardorous" which in this issue got the challenge to depict the best feelings of all: the crush. I love how they managed to keep it sweet and girly but at the same time bold, outspoken and about sex. When I desperately tried to find out everything I could about them I found a swede amongst them AND a swede I "knew" (you know someone you know of, have met but never hanged out with or even had a longer conversation than 5 mins tops). Apparently she's apart of this collective and contributing with her amazing photography. I "know" her because she's close friends to another friend of mine I unfortunately haven't meet in a long while and she's been at BR asking if we have any free vacancies. I knew I recognized her when I saw her in the store, I hope she gets the a job if something opens up she would definitely fit in to our creative pool of awesomeness (not to brag or anything).

pics by members of the Adorous collective

I also got informed about the upcoming Stockholm Fashion Week that starts tomorrow, I'm not that informed about fashion as I am music but I try to have at least have the basics down about what's going on since I work in a clothing store, love to spend most of salary at Beyond or American Apparel and dressing good is something I value (oh god can't believe I wrote that somebody should call Narcissus and tell him to come and collect his personality). In their magazine they had photo series called "Zoo" and on one of the pictures the girl is wearing the most gorgeous leather jacket ever! It's black and its got wings, many may frown their noses at that but I love it and MUST have it (if it fits of course, I never buy things with out trying them on). It's designed by Jeremy Scott who have made an A/W 11 collection for adidas, I think it's called The Bone collection. And while on the topic of SFW SS12 I happen to know that my favorite fashion blogger Susie Lau a.k.a. Susie Bublbe from (the only fashion blogg I read thoroughly) will be in town for our fashion week so I'll keep an extra open eye out for her next week in town, the little stalker that I am hehe.

Pics by Erik Wåhlström

Beyond Retro Stuff popped up in some shots (stonewashed jeans jacket - Beyond Retro):

x Gibs

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