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MusicPosted by Gibson Sun, August 07, 2011 19:47:14

Haloa loa

As you may have noticed we're going through some kind of musical cleansing. Now a days everything seems to sound the same and when you happen to meet the band (something we've done far too many times) they're…hmmm how should I put it…. a bit off perhaps? I'm really not that keen on going into details but hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say. There's just those days when you have to stop thinking about the present and the future and instead look back at what have passed. Such times are now and they happen to coincide with me having to music-rape the itunes at Beyond Retro (I love you Queen, but we can't have you on repeat forever, can we?). So I've started compiling the most epic retro-playlist taking in everything from 90's rap, 80's pop, 70's flower power-rock, 60's psych-rock, 50's luv lug luv-pop, 40's pre/post-war-bar-smoking-rum and coke drinking-pop, 30's ehh something-pop and finally the happy 20's jazz and everything inbetween.

It's not been an easy task, sleepless nights and countless days just staying in and ignoring the sun has produced a list with more than 300 hundred songs. I can't however take credit from them all, Cheifen had her little hand in there as well. Inevitably some new songs saw there way in to the playlist for example Tame Impalas INCREDIBLE album "Innerspeaker", a bit of the funky Toro Y Moi sounds, Best Coasts and Smith Westerns. Is it just us here at Blue Fever or is everyone else experiencing how slow the music scene of 2011 has been. Nothing really exciting has got me going. A few comebacks and second albums yes but nothing new and fun, 2011 = the rotten year? Maybe I'm completely exaggerating but when I think back to 2010, 2009 and 2008 I remember 2010 and 2008 as amazing while 2009 is kind of bleak in my memory. Hopefully we haven't seen all of what 2011 has to offer, autumn and winter are the months when artists tends to lock themselves up in a cottage and create the most heartfelt music they can squeeze out of their tiny bodies.

Too make even less sense here's some videos I've seen and liked:

///Toro Y Moi - How I Know\\\

///Dominant Legs - Hoop of Love\\\

///Lana del Rey - Video Games\\\



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