Blue Fever

Blue Fever


Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Fri, August 05, 2011 18:07:35
//First I was like smiley ..then it was Friday..//

My life is very upside down you see. I have Sunday-Thursday off and then I work Friday and Saturday. Therefore, I hate Fridays. It's a little bit like being on holiday when everyone's working and then when a big party finally comes around you have to go to your nans funeral or something. This weekend is particularly shit because it's Field day. My friends are going and I'm gonna be stuck in Club NME hell. I hate Fridays. It wouldn't be that bad if I liked my job, but I don't. I'm done with it.

It's also quite tricky to live on £80 a week. So how about getting a new one? Haha I'm shit at applying for jobs but the circumstances are forcing me to do it. So here we go.

Running 'Sort out my life 1.1'

A little bit of The Wannadies -Bagsy me and Be a girl and a little bit of Doris - Did you give the world some love today, baby? usually does the trick. Through in some Villagers -Becoming a jackal, a whole lot of Fixers and I'm half way there. And some of the 40s - 60s classics I dropboxed Gibs the last night. Let's do this!!

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