Blue Fever

Blue Fever

I Danced Myself Right Out The Womb

A bit of everythingPosted by JD Mon, July 11, 2011 22:42:28
Life the last couple of days.

While crashing cars, smoking my lungs and brains out, running around the filthy maze know as Koko, killing every little bacteria inside me with alcohol, being asked out by Bieber look alikes and wrinkly old men, wandering around the streets of london alone in the middle of the night this song has been on repeat in my mind soundtracking every single moment. The original and my favorite cover.

Screamin Jay Hwakins, what a man!

Arthur Brown's take on it. The crazy world of arthur brown what a fucking debut album!!

I'm absolutely gutted I missed Arthur Brown at Glasto.. Fan cried over missing Radiohead I cried over Arthur Brown! But hey "you don't know what love is until you've learned the meaning of the blues"


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