Blue Fever

Blue Fever

And everyone knows you're trouble

Juvenile rantingsPosted by Gibson Mon, July 04, 2011 23:59:06

How is it not possible for me to think reasonably and logical?!

Yesterday I was late for a very important meeting at work for all the silliest reasons in the world. Why would I not think that we would have a meeting before we opened the store? I hate when I do wrong, I'm all A-okay with being wrong about stuff like "apples are blue" and then having somebody come up and be like "ey mate no they're not".

Also I have a pending birthday coming up on the 7th of July, what to do what to do what to do???!! I have NO plans what so ever and NO ideas to how I want to spend it. I could lie in my bed the whole day receive some presents from my family, go buy my first legally store bought alcohol and eat and be lazy for all I care. It feels like I've reached a point in my life where I don't really care. But I should because birthdays are supposed to be fun and this year I'm turning 20. Two decades have gone and what have I achieved? aahhh the sound of silence…yes nothing is the word we're all are looking for. But all of that is about to change, isn't it? Because I haven't just been sitting on my ares. Inside my head I've been busier then ever planing and sceaming for my future. Still I'm unsure of everything and no amount of planning can prepare you for what's coming. So I'm pretty much in the dark...

Also my hip and back is aching because I've been lying in my bed for three days straight watching three seasons and two episodes of True Blood without enough sleep or social contact with anyone. When I start watching a series I can't stop until it's completely finished which results in total isolation, no food, no sleep and no contact with the world. It feels good now that I'm off that addictive drug, everything can go back to normal and I can resume the more active life I had before True Blood. I must however admit that I enjoyed it. The first and second season was really good but during the third and continuing now in the forth everything gets a bit too freaky. I liked the idea of vampires but when shape shifters, werewolf's, fairies, witches, evil babies etc etc joined the picture it all became way too much to handle. Who'll be up next Santa? This, though will not stop me from continuing to watch it. Too hooked to let go.

x Sir Givesalot

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