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Blue Fever


MusicPosted by Gibson Sun, June 26, 2011 23:27:18

/// Queen of Pop

Often when I travel to the UK I try take the opportunity to pick up some cool mags, mainly because they're a lot cheaper in England (£3.50) compared to Stockholm (£7.60). Therefor on my way home at the airport after a wonderful week in Manchester I was lucky to get a hold on Dazed and Confused and Clash. Both with really well executed cover shots which probably was what lured me in. On Dazed we had Beyoncé in these super cool yellow/purple garments specially made for her and that cover and on Clash Jamie XX from The XX was placed as a part of a collage on the cover.

/// Jaime XX shoots at Clash studio

Magazines are special instruments of communication and I love having them at home or with me as something to entertain myself with on the tube. It's easy access to what's going on in music, art, fashion etc etc and it won't automatically disappear after you've hit the red x-button. You'll keep the mag, pick it up again, glance through it and find something you missed the first time or just be reminded of things you wanted to buy or look further into. In the july issue of Dazed I found a man I had totally forgotten about. A line immediately sprung to mind when seeing the photograph of him, "there was a girl who lived in London tooooooown, the scenes and sounds they would only bring her down". Maybe you recognize it? if not it's from the song "Arroows of Eros" by Golden Silvers. The band Gwilym Gold formerly was in and the man I'm talking about.

/// Gwylim Gold

He's currently working on his solo debut album and has released a song through a very rare and special format called the Bronze format. The very unique thing with it is that every time you listen to the song it sounds a bit different so it constantly evolves. "Flesh Freeze" is the new tune from Gwilym which you can download from his site Unfortunately for all of you who haven't seen the light yet and switched to Mac there's no version for it for PC. But apparently they seem to be working hard on that.

I really like the progress he's done since quitting Golden Silvers which I loved and lucky for me had the chance to see in Stockholm when they played here three years ago. There's a funny story accompanied with that gig experience which involves me not being aware of my alcohol limit, drinking too much and making a complete fool out of myself. But I think I'll skip that story today. I do remember talking to Gwilym and expressing my longing for the jacket the girl wears in the video for "Arrows of Eros". He didn't know the whereabouts of it and it's still a dream of mine to get a hold of it….

Seelp thight! x Gibs

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