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MusicPosted by Gibson Sat, June 25, 2011 18:20:13

Hello hello there!

The sleeping bear that is this blog has been awoken and we're hungry for attention. I'm gonna try to blog my way through the recent albums, bands, artists, photographers and films I've discovered, listened to and seen so bare with me….

I remember when I got sent this track from Ylva with a "YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS"-tag. I listened and immediately fell in love. Captivated by the sounds and how the instrument lay in a melted symbiosis with each other I couldn't turn the record off. "Nothing But Green Lights" is a song that basically pulled us through college. Without it we'd probably failed. His debut epic "We Have Sound" is a record we stumbled upon a year ago unaware of this mass-confusion going on. Where the whole "indie" world was wondering where Tom Vek had gone. I'm so thankful I missed out on that long long wait for him to resurface and jumped on the wagon just in time for his follow up "Leisure seizure". Maybe every band/artist need to take those six years to rise to fame, tour, meet people, cool off, fade away from peoples radar and eventually be forgotten. Only then can you find your peace and focus on the music and only the music. Those six years Tom Vek took seriously did him good. "Leisure Seizure" is a real evolvement of "We Have Sound", you can still here the elements of the debut but through new mature eyes. Tom Vek's voice is truly remarkable it's like he's almost talking but at the same time singing. I've listened through the album a couple of times now and my favorite song must be "Some One Loves You" because I can even play it when djing as a dance floor hit.

We can't hide from the truth, I think I can speak for all of us here at Blue Fever when I say that "Never Fade Away" by Spector is absolutely top notch. There'll probably be many nights when I stumble home drunk and happier then ever listening to "Never Fade Away" screaming my way through the streets. For you who don't have clue to what I'm going on about watch this five part interview + live performance with Spector done by Nylon TV. Hopefully you fall head over heels for this gorgeous men as everyone else is starting to do.

/// Spector Nylon TV didn't manage to embed it so you'll have to go to the actual site.

Bisous Gibs

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