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Blue Fever

Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

MusicPosted by Gibson Tue, June 21, 2011 20:02:33

The Queen of neglect is back!

I wish I had fun exciting reasons to why I've been away for sometime but there is none. It is mostly due to my lack of actually completing my uniwork in time like everyone else. Instead I'm always jetsetting away to far of places having fun and meeting people. That unfortunately has now resulted in me having to do a bunch of extra work just to get the teacher to not fail me completely. Ahhh blissful living is it not? Why do I insist on having a good time at the wrong time?! I should be celebrating summers birth and uni's dead but of course I'm still stuck with it. If I speed through my work this week I might actually be finished with it soon.

Today I've been wandering around the apartment wondering why I even stayed out until five yesterday? I mean it was Monday for Gods sake, who goes out on a Monday? It always ends weird or in fact it always ends weird when you're out. It's just that some times it's funny weird rather than weird weird. Yesterday was a combo of them both. Which left me standing completely alone on the bus station waiting for my bus for 30 mins and then having my ipod die on me five mins into the waiting. Symbolically the last song before it died was Best Coasts "The End of The World" and it really felt like it was the end of it. Like the world would collapse into an endless pit in front of me. I've noticed that I'm usually the one who gets more and more melancholic the more I drink rather like everyone else who gets more pumped. So when I'm finally on my way home it's very likely that I cry the last few steps to my house from the bus stop. It's weird and I sometimes wish it was the other way around… but "sadness is a blessing" isn't that rigtht?

/// Lykke Li - Sadness Is a Blessing

However leaving me to my sadness, I want to reshare some live streams of albums etc that some lovely bands have chosen to share with us.

SBTRKT is about to release his debut on June 28th and has decided to stream the album for free until that date. I've listened to it twice and can honestly say it's brilliant. I love the mix between the long instrumental songs with lots of beat and the more dance floor friendly songs like Wild Fire.


Buddy Holly has long been praised by many but now a handful of artists we love have come together to bring us their take on their favorite Buddy Holly songs. Which has been complied to a tribute album called Rave on Buddy Holly. My favorite is Florence + The Machines take on "Not Fade Away".

/// Buddy Holly

Slow Club is in this moment preparing to take the stage at the Red Bull Studio in London. The whole performance will be streamed live where they'll play their entire new album (Paradise out on Moshi Moshi records) in full.

/// Slow Club live stream HERE

That's all I've got for you now folks, it feels good to be back!

Watch out for the CATS & DOGS out there

x Gibs

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