Blue Fever

Blue Fever

Happy Mondays?

A bit of everythingPosted by Gibson Mon, January 31, 2011 23:31:16

Happy Blue Blood Monday!

First of all if you need a pick me up after a hard working day download and listen to this, it will soothe your mind.

°°° Daytrotters live session with the band: DOM °°°

There's a whole lot to be said, but I'll start from the beginning and with the best part. Last friday I had so much fun and got reminded of how incredible this city can be sometimes. The day started with me checking my bank account and realizing that my government is ever so great and generous. So what do I do when I've got "money in my pocket and cash in my hand"?.... I spend it.

After wasting, I don't know how much money at UO, Beyond Retro and Weekday. I went for a lecture and then for my guitar lessons. So far not a very interesting story...ey?

Okay fast forward a bit to us (with us I mean me, two other friends and Sthlms coolest hipsters) hanging at American Apparel at their in store event with free beer. For some reason I missed out on Becks (damn!) but I got Grolsch and Heineken (euuuww!) but still it's free and an excellent way to preparty in this expensive town. Even though there was a never ending flow of free beer we didn't stay to long because we had to be somewhere else. And for the first time I left an AA event without spending over 500 kr (£45).

Our next destination was Debaser and it's impossible guards to get past. The plan was to be there early when they opened and then hope that the guards wouldn't have arrived yet. It looked promising when we looked down at the doors and didn't see anyone. But as soon as we reached the glass doors I could see the guard standing inside waiting to refuse us entry. I tried with every nerve and fibre in my body to not look like a scared sixteen year old girl and perhaps it worked because we walked in and the only thing he said was good evening ladies and welcome. This is the guard who ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS checks my ID and now he didn't. I realised why immediately after we'd entered, it was like a cemetery in there. Nobody was in the club except from me, Malin, the DJs and the crew uploading the stage. And we were standing there thinking we might have been late since it was eight o'clock. The only conclusion could be that we were a "pity let in".

We drank some beers, listened to the music talked and time went by. More and more people filled up the place and without noticing it Debaser was full and they'd opened all the rooms. Thinking high thoughts of myself as a gig expert I guessed that Sleigh Bells would appear on stage by 10.30 or maybe 11 but I was wrong and they pulled a Delphic and didn't jump on stage until 11.45 or something. So people had gotten the time they needed to get really mind fucked or at least as much as a Swede can get in Sweden.

If you've heard Sleigh Bells you'd know how raw and heavy their beats are and now they were exploding out of these speakers and everyone went bananas! It was amazing to witness this crazy crowd of swedes giving it their all. I hadn't expected it to be anything like this and Alexis Krauss....WOW! What a woman, she just swiped the whole crowd with her, I've never felt so connected with an artist on stage. She was upfront and close with us, it was like we were two friends on the dance floor and our favorite song just came on and now we just had to scream along to it f2f.

This is a concert you have to experience yourselves to understand so I suggest you book a ticket for one of their gigs ASAP!(hint hint...If you're in LND they're playing a venue called Heaven on the 15th feb, according to Derek *very nice guy*)

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