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Blue Fever

New Slang Slag Again

MusicPosted by JD Fri, January 28, 2011 18:51:05
Summer Camp and Chapel Club live and Chapel Club's album all for £6! You gotta love Banquet Records!

We fucking missed Summer Camp because we were too busy getting drunk on Glen's and coke, watching weird youtube videos such as "monkey on a goat on a cup on a tight rope". Shame. Oh well shit happens. We did see Chapel Club though. Stood on the side. Haven't got much to say about that. Still like them a lot. Although they are slightly over hyped. But they're great and we've liked them since we first heard "all the eastern girls" on that nme radar mixtape about a year ago.

Last summer we met them in Gothenburg. I was so wasted I barely remember a thing, except that we were beyond annoying and loud and that we kept them awake way too long. We had fun, bet they didn't. Anyway, despite being convinced they hated us we just had to say hello and so we sent a text. Turns out they don't hate us. Fucking lucky! I probably would if I was them!

Then we got back home and drank some more and had some boys over. Fun fun fun!

I love New Slang, Chapel Club were great last night and I do slightly regrett missing Summer Camp for this:


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