Blue Fever

Blue Fever

A little bag of cocaine

In motionPosted by Stella Wed, January 26, 2011 20:13:45
And it's been a long time since before I've been touched
Now I'm getting touched all the time
And it's only a matter of whom
And it's only a matter of when

An addiction to hands and feet

There's a meat market down the street
The boys and girls watch each other eat
When they really just wanna watch
each other sleep

A shuffle ride on an iPod is a funny thing. I haven't heard this Regina Spektor song for ages. Which has led to two things; I will dedicate my night to listening to all her albums again, and of course, can I relate to those lyrics?
I'm not really sure where I'm going with this really. I could either ponder over how it seems so far away when the slightest touch felt like the world was shaking or just go down with that Oceana is officially the worst meat market int the world. Or maybe just once and for all confirm that meat market(ing?) is an interesting phenomenon?

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm just gonna leave it.
Instead, take a look at this Herbie Hancock collaboration. Pretty good reinventing by Aguilera, going from Dirrty in a flooded warehouse to Diva at the Grammy's.


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