Blue Fever

Blue Fever

Be careful what you wish for..

A bit of everythingPosted by Stella Mon, January 24, 2011 13:16:42
.. because he's never gonna be all that anyway.

Monday - time to sort life out, yes?
I have a good feeling I might actually get something done today. Lo and behold, I might just go outside the house and go to the gym!? Well.. Let's take it slow, to actually get out of the house before the sun sets would be progress anyway.

All the new stuff has faded into a dull kind of phlegm colour and feels about as exciting.
Let's go out and find some trouble, because I'm getting bored by this now.

Someday soon you'll be on fire
and you'll ask me for a glass of water
But I say no
You can just let that shit burn

And you'll say please, please, please put me out
And I won't

Stay Black


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