Blue Fever

Blue Fever

Problem? Dodge!

Blue Fever on..Posted by Stella Mon, January 24, 2011 00:03:04

Life moves in mysterious ways. Our apartment has in a matter of days gone from strong girl majority to extreme boy majority. How about six guys, two girls, three beds. We don't know how it worked out but as Ylva said "could be an awesome porno".
One movie for every room; Seb goes wild and crazy, sticking it to the duck tape in the kitchen. For the more homosexual kind you'd go in to Ylva's room to watch the sweaty action between Drivey, the Steak and.. Henrik.
If you, like Fan, enjoy watching people sleep, head in to Sebastian's room for a sneak peek on Wolfy and Centaur (one for the animal lover as well).
If your in to sci-fi, then please, check out Fan's room for the latest in Hobbits vs Humans porn.
And last but not least, if you're fucked in the head, check out Pedo Bear working his Mojo in the hallway.

Welcome to 60 Park Rd
Step inside and step away from the cold
Let us feel you up with our love
We don't mind, you're one of a kind.

Much Love

Chiefen and FanFan

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