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Blue Fever

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Juvenile rantingsPosted by Stella Fri, January 21, 2011 18:35:14
It's just something about New Slang. My theory is that they contaminate the air with some weird chemicals that just make me so incredibly over the top drunk. And of course, the same thing happened yesterday. And after two minutes at the Hippodrome I act just like I did when I was 17. Mind you, I was awesome at seventeen and going to New Slang is just the same comfortable old story.
1. After the compulsory toilet visit, off straight to the bar for a pint.
2. See at least three people that you've snogged and shamelessly stare at them ALL night.
3. Go out for a fag and tear down as many smoking shelter fences as possible
4. Spill your beer on the floor
5. Dance on the spilled out beer
6. Toilet time for about an hour to.. cleanse the system
7. If your lucky this is the time of the night when you pull someone, but more often this is is the time where you dance yourself clean on the dance floor and also where your memory ends.

There you go, I'm a new slag and always will be.

FunFanFan, aging the wrong way.

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