Blue Fever

Blue Fever

Summer thrills

MusicPosted by Gibson Thu, January 20, 2011 14:00:07
Festival season is upon us! Hurray hurray hurray! It's time to rejoice in wonderful lineups starting with the one Coachella dropped like a bomb in our laps. After seeing it a certain urge just sprung up in me and I NEED TO CROSS THE POND!

Have you seen the lineup? If not check it out -->

It is CRAZY!

Being the music loving freak I am I can't help but wonder over the massive cash flow that festival must have. I happen to be involved with a few festivals in Sweden and none of them could ever pull that much cash out of their asses. Seriously c'mon, Kings of Leon, Strokes, Chemical Brothers, Robyn, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Animal Collective?!!! I've heard and seen how much some of this bands/artists want to play a festival and it ain't little. I'm guessing that the lineups will be falling like snowflakes soon and I can't wait, festival seasons is the fucking best season of the year! I just wish I had more money so I could attend them all...

Now I'll just continue on my "bands-I-want-to-see-play-Popaganda-this-year"- list, half of them are probably unrealistic and the other half will probably be playing Reading and Leeds.

see ya, punters


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