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Juvenile rantingsPosted by JD Sun, December 26, 2010 03:22:39
Yes that is exactly what we are. Maybe not in real life but when it comes to updating this vital half dead blog we are.

So location update: Fan is hanging about in the snowy Uppsala, I have just arrived to a Narnia looking Stockholm and Gibs is currently taking a walk on the wild side down in the slightly more exotic and exciting Kenya. For those of you who feel a lacking knowledge of Kenya here's a good old youtube clip to tell you all there is to know:

After spending most of this Christmas all alone at 60 Park Road due to the closing of all London airports earlier this week I have finally made it to Sweden. My flight on Tuesday got cancelled but adding an extra £200 to the already payed £300 got me a new flight. Not until early this morning I realized that someone figured it to be a great idea to suspend ALL public tranport on Christmas Day (bastards) giving me a slight heart attack! I spent the next two hours trying to pre book a taxi which for some reason seemed impossible. When I googled the situation in hope to find some creative solution the results I got were not very up lifting. All taxi companies web pages suggested that they all ran out of taxis last Christmas Day although they were determined not to let that happen again. So I panicked for a second. But then I got a message from a friend on facebook who btw might be the kindest person I've ever met and I was reminded that it wasn't the end of the world and that I did still had some friends left in London. But then eventually I got a hold of a taxi and a few hours later I was in a black taxi on my way to the airport with a hilarious driver telling Irish jokest. At 10.40 I arrived at Heathrow terminal 3, got out of the cab and promised the driver to get myself a husband during my two and a half day in Sweden (for some reason he was quite upset about the fact that I don't have a boyfriend) and after that everything ran smoothly.

I sat next to a really nice guy on the plane. He'd been up for more or less 48 hours flying all the way from LA were he lives. After a good few days of complete solitude it was great fun to talk to someone for a bit! I must have appeared so be fairly stupid though, the guy's an actor and I don't know shit about film. Except for odd, quirky films. Oh well it was fun anyway.

Now here I am at my dad's and everything feels very odd. Who could have known that getting to Sweden would turn out to be so bloody difficult? Our friend Malin had it worse though.. She was stuck in Liverpool, went to London in hope to catch a flight from there and ended up going by train through half of Europe only to get stuck in Malmö (south of Sweden) after a few days on the road. But at least she made it home for Christmas Eve and got to be with her family.

This was my Christmas sepia...on iChat:

Like I said to my friend it would have been easier to just kill someone and get deported... But then again that's not really my style...

I'm way too tired to think let alone write so good night and merry christmas!


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