Blue Fever

Blue Fever


A bit of everythingPosted by JD Wed, November 03, 2010 15:59:18
Sitting in the kitchen in my new packman jumpsuit pjs with Black Sabbath's Paranoid on the stereo! You can't help but love Black Sabbath and Paranoid is one of the best albums ever made! Also Geezer Butler is my new idol. What a brilliant man! I saw a documentary on Paranoid on BBC the other day and I strongly recommend everyone to see it. Apparently Iron Man was my brother's favorite tune when he was younger and I still remember the day my stepmom put on War Pigs in the car. Brilliant band, brilliant men, brilliant memories.

There is some Doves song that sounds an awful lot like Planet Caravan by the way. At least I think it's a dove's song. Strange that but it really is well similar. This has got nothing to do with anything I'm just a bit out of it and really lost in my own mind at the moment.

I'm in a bit of a hurry now, I gotta get my ass to Koko and work for a few hours since I'm their new bartender. Believe it or not. I might be the worst bartender ever though but that's not the point.

Yann Tiersen is on tonight! How great is that?! I get to see Yann Tiersen live while working! I never thought I'd get to see him live ever so that's a pleasant surprise!

I'm off now


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