Blue Fever

Blue Fever

It's like live nostalgia and not even a hint of a synth

MusicPosted by Stella Tue, November 02, 2010 22:34:04

One shouldn't reveal one's sources, but since I'm not a journalist and won't be ashamed of my mainstream combing of the internet - thank you The Guardian!

And OH check this out:

Andres Lokko (!)((He is so good he deserves one of those small exclamation marks for every mention)) is the lead judge together with I think four other REALLY cool people. As if that wasn't enough Jan Gradvall is gonna be the Swedish "nominator" to bring up the Swedish representation. Which once more points to the fact that Sweden's got like five real music journalists. They are all men and over 30. Let's change that yeah?

Might wanna start working on everything I have an hour until deadline to finish then.

Going back to London tomorrow. It's a gas

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