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The Social Fuck Up

Blue Fever on..Posted by Stella Mon, November 01, 2010 00:33:09
Blue Fever on Greed and its consequences.

Yeah, now it all sounds like a really BIG and PRETENTIOUS post but it's not going to be. a) Because I am not erm big, nor pretentious and b) because I just wanted to ventilate and my thoughts aren't sophisticated enough to make sense, thus it will only be random jibberish for you to enjoy.


I just saw The Social Network. Now, what struck me about this story, apart from that the twins were like hilarious parodies on themselves, was that mankind's obsession with numbers is so incredibly, well fuck do I know, LAME. This isn't a very original thought but the greed, oh the greed. No I can't type this down I just know that multiBILLION companies, stock shares and the "successful" people scares me a lot.

Facebook is absolutely amazing but to be honest it kind of put a whole generation in wheelchairs. We're not only becoming slightly socially handicapped, living 80% of our lives behind computers, but we seem to have lost the ability to move and more importantly mobilize. Fuck riots, let's press "like" on Facebook. Yes, I know RATM got to number one last christmas and all that because of Facebook, but still. I wonder how the "Save the 100 Club project" is coming along. Let's go down to Soho and chain ourselves to the place instead. Or something.

Now I'm just ranting because I'm totally jammed when it comes to my article on buskers.


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