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Blue Fever

The lost art of Repeat 1

MusicPosted by Stella Sat, October 30, 2010 17:11:37
Yeah, I remember that button. Repeat 1 was probably the single most worn out button on my stereo when I was younger. It was way before I realized the pleasures of listening to an album back to back instead of spinning S Club Seven's one hit wonder back and forth.

And so, the repeat 1 one phenomenon has become something that I can't quite understand anymore. What's the point, apart from annoying all the people around you with playing out a tune that is a) not very good or b) perhaps was a bit alright the first time but absolutely horrible the 100th.

The reason why I am obsessing is because my mum started this slightly worrying habit minutes ago. She is now dancing in the sitting room with closed eyes and raised hands. And it got me thinking of other people who do this, my step sister for example. I think I've heard 'Just the two of us' with Grover Washington a million times by now just because of her unhealthy obsession with repeat 1.

I mean, isn't it a bit ungrateful even, to wear songs down like this? There is so much music out there that we haven't heard yet, so why stick with this one song for weeks on end? Sure someone said that time doesn't exist and we're just running through eternity but I almost feel a bit stressed out about this time wasting.

Just wanted to say that, I think I got onion in my eyes so I gotta dash.


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