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Blue Fever

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Juvenile rantingsPosted by Stella Sat, October 23, 2010 17:58:09
Heeey! Once more we're rummaging around on the streets of London doing stupid stuff. Incredible how much we learn from it though, so here's an updated version of the do's and dont's from a couple of months back.

1. When meeting not so very good friends you haven't met in a while, don't start screaming and run around them shouting "I can't believe it's you!". It might give the wrong impression. Besides, it will make "the new guy" by your side uncomfortable.

2. Don't drink and climb, you'll fall. Hard.

3. Don't leave semi used condoms (we'll sort that bit out in the next one) in places where children play. Imagine the three yearolds finding that, thinking it's a balloon or something. Not on.

4. If you start off by using a condom while having sex in a public place (this applies to sex in general though regardless of location) and it's the only one you've got do not, DO NOT take it off!

5. And so if you have unprotected sex and the guy says that he will pay half the cost of the emergency contraceptives take the money immediately before he run's off. And let's face it most of the times you don't wanna run in to the person again. Just to make things clear this is not prostitution! He didn't pay for the sex, just for not having a baby. A bit like getting a present without opening it.

6. Don't get high amongst Norwegians. Seriously the phrase "are you far out" in Norwegian is so hilarious your head will explode and you will pass out.

7. Don't get food for an entire week if you plan on smoking weed that same night. You'll end up eating it all.

8. Never drink tequila. The moment you feel like drinking it you're already way to drunk to handle it. So the next time you feel like some tequila, let it pass.

9. If you wake up in the middle of the night in your own bed, with your head in a cloud of weed and a Norwegian guy in your room talking to you in Norwegian. Don't be bothered to get up, just pull the cover over your head and go back to sleep.

10. When the bartender tells you to have 2 snakebites because they do 2 for 1 simply give the extra one to some random happy soul. Otherwise you'll later go for the tequila and end up desperately clinging to the toilet.

11. If you get busted by the police while "urinating around the corner" just keep denying it and they will eventually leave.

12. If you do stupid things don't put it on a blog unless you're prepared to be judged.

That's all for now, live and learn!


Fan and Chiefen

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