Blue Fever

Blue Fever


Rock star without the famePosted by JD Fri, January 21, 2011 17:31:31
The boys are in town, three of them. The coming days will be interesting , you never know what will happen when they're out and about. Last night was a good start. Went to New Slang, got pissed, went back home, got stoned.

Some Australian guy bought the boys jager bombs and some Polish girl bought me one. Girls keep buying me drinks, I don't know why but hey I'm not complaining. Fan disappeared for a while and missed the whole jager bomb thing. Fan was a legend last night though. You should have been there to see it all go down.

Also what is up with men these days? All of a sudden it seems as if everyone wanna sleep with us, date us and marry us. What the fuck?!

Anyway nowadays there's always men running around half naked in our flat.. First Double D, now these lovely idiots. We don't know a single female in Kingston.

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The post- pre- Raphaelite sisterhood

Rock star without the famePosted by Gibson Wed, January 19, 2011 00:37:53

As much as 2010 was a shitty year to live in, it was also the year our lives began. It will be seen from our perspective (19 and newly graduated from college) as the year when records began (see the funny explanation to why I'm using that term further down on this page). It's from 2010 we started documenting our defining years and I for once am excited about entering this new year. 2010 was life changing in many ways and I grew up (a bit). Now I know what I want and that we have the ambition and talent to do it.

It's time to paint the fucking masterpiece the world is waiting for, this is not one of my typical midnight revelations which comes to me quite often. We are three young women with the obvious desire to do something more with life than to grace it on the surface. In the middle of the nineteenth century three young men set out to this very same thing...change the world. And through let downs, alcohol, good times, bad times, laudanum, massive support, no support, plenty of women and a sheer of good luck they made it happen. Our lives are filled with precisely that and I intend to get us to the place where we belong.

There's just one problem and Fred ( was one of the two 'non-artistic' members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and an art critic) couldn't have made it more clear to me:

"Where does an artist start if he is to change the world? At the center of that world"

And to me the center of that world is London, in which it has always been since the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. The minor problem is that I'm currently not residing there something we'll have to work on. Like Dante Gabriel Rosetti in the brotherhood I'm lazy, can't seem to get things ready when they're supposed to be finished, passionate, likes to have good time, spend money and do as little as possible but get as much as possible out of it. A combined set of qualities that in most cases won't help me in my goal but I'll just have to work on that too.

A lot of people thought the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood were mad and had no sense of style what so ever but they never stopped believing in themselves and what they could achieve together so why should we. It is time to rearrange and reinvent, my concentration shall now evolve around this mission only. Let's have some ambition on toast and a side dish of potential for breakfast tomorrow and kick this world in the nuts!

To a new day x Harry the hipster Gibson

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Pillmiester Fan

Rock star without the famePosted by JD Tue, January 11, 2011 01:24:38
Hell to the yeah Fan knows her pills.

We're gonna do this backwards now just so you know. I'm ill and my tonsils are about the size of twin towers (before 9/11) and why that is we'll get into some other time. Anyway yet again this gives me an opportunity to prove to the world that my flat mate is better than yours! (My flat mate brings all the boys to the yard and they're like she's better than yours! What kelis really meant to sing) I woke up one day after spending 14 hours in bed only to be force fed an utterly lush pill cocktail a la Fan and on the kitchen table I found a note (well, more like a novel), a step by step guide to get well. The note(s) read:

Good Morning She Wolf!

You might wake up today feeling quite shitty and still you might be thinking what a nice day it is. (In case you haven't noticed the sun is playing a grand game of attention whoring out there). But this isn't an ordinary sunny day, oh no, this is the day of changes! This is start of "reinvent Ylva (ill-va)"! You'll go from the person who's always ill to the she wolf that you really are. I've thought about it and it's all very simple. In order to whip that fucking infection out of you (and the bloody urine out of me) I've fixed a three way (haha) program.

1. Medicine cocktail: As it is now we have alvedon, lemsip, renixin, ipreen, half a panodil and some mucoagin. Let's get that going!

2. Vitamins!: In the fridge you'll find just about every juice flavour in the world (slight exaggeration but wtf), boosted with c-vitamin and good will they'll kick you out of it in no time! If that wouldn't work there is an artillery of most vitamins in that sexy purple jar on the table and a lonely but strong grape fruit in the window. I was gonna buy two so we could share it over some sort of poor man's breakfast or something but my tenner was like "uh, no mate go shag a monkey I'm noh goin tha faar". I said shame on a niggah and after five minutes of figuring the asda machines out, I surrendered. Anyway

3. CUPCAKES: I am not shitting you, as a daughter to two doctors I've seen this shit go down! When my brother had a brain infection -cupcakes. Mum's patients who couldn't breath -cupcakes. Someone came to dad going "fuuck I'm pregnant" he'd be like yeeeah have a cupcake and it'll be alright. Sure enough 9 months later she gave birth to a slightly heavy boy quite resembling a cupcake himself. Imagine giving birth to cupcakes. Rather that! Yeeeees, well they didn't have any good cupcakes at ASDA, only "lemon daisy cupcake" which must be one of the shittiest flavors in the world. So you'll just have to settle for a smarties cake made with love by some poor child in a factory somoewhere.

Smarties make you smart (where do you think I get it all from ;) )





Easy enough yeah! Now drop that fucking flu and be awesome instead :D

And I imagined this letter a lot funnier but shit happens! Kontenta: Be well soon couse I hate seeing you like this! Xx Fan the man

* there is coffee in the pot. Enjoy it's fairtrade ;)

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