Blue Fever

Blue Fever

The frustration in being such an uncool little indie cunt

Blue Fever on..Posted by Stella Fri, June 24, 2011 16:43:52
I am unable to find words for the black cloud currently tainting my intestines with rage and jealousy. The fundamentals of summer (festivals festivals festivals) have once again given me a big fat reality slap straight in the face. An so, once again, I ask myself - the fucking champion of worrying about the future, WHY oh WHY didn't I get hold of some festival tickets this year EITHER? What is it I find so absolutely addictive about sitting in front of my computer trying to pretend that I don't want to be part of the muddy, STD filled, eargasm wrestling match that is a festival? What is so fucking hilarious about sitting at home trying to ignore the feeling of missing out big time when I've had just as good chance as anyone else to claim tickets for the tenting mayhems?

The reason behind my new found rant need is, of course, Radiohead playing Glasto in about four and a half hours. I feel sick with jealousy. Absolutely fucking numb. And the ironic and worst part of it all is that I will listen to and watch Radiohead on TV tonight and cry my fucking eyes out. The standard way of solving any life crisis naturally.

So when you find my eyeless carcass tomorrow morning, crunched up in front of the TV in a pool of blood, Mnm's and Skittles, please thank my mum for my purple legwarmers who kept me company right to the very end. And please, let my story be told. Tell the kids, tell the infants, plant a speaker in every fucking womb and for God's sake TELL THEM. Tell them to plan their summer PROPERLY and EARLY to avoid this tormenting anxiety that is watching Glastonbury on a 12" screen knowing that you could have been right in the very middle of it.
Thank You.

I used to be alright, now what the fuck happened?

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Later but still speaking pf perverted minds

Blue Fever on..Posted by Stella Thu, April 28, 2011 02:51:02
My anger quickly subsided, not because I in any way learned to control it, but because I had to change it into fear for my life. Any normal person would probably change it into something closer to a simply unpleasant feeling, but I have spent the majority of the latest two and a half hours shaking in my kitchen on the verge of tears. But why?

Because, as previously stated, our house is a very see in friendly one. A fact that I very often forget/look past/ignore/embrace.
And so tonight I came skipping out of the shower with newly shaved legs, a detail only worth mentioning because it makes me feel very fresh. So in my fresh state of mind I put on a pair of hippie trousers and a t-shirt simply by turning away slightly from the window. And proceed with brushing my hair.
Apart from that this sounds like the beginning of a My Little Pony story the next event scared the shit out of me.

Because down on the street a blond 25 - 30 year old guy happily strolls past while failing massively at taking his eyes from my window. Which would have been fine if it wasn't for the fact that he after doing so, put himself in a "clever" position out of my view but still with full window view further down the street. Until I looked back at him and he started walking again.
Now, only that is more than enough to get me going so I ran into Seb's room to see where he would head next. And my heart sang with joy when I saw him turning down on King's Road, only to get brutally silenced by the sight of him turning around to watch my window yet again. Since I was hiding/panicking in Seb's window he couldn't see much.
Now, if I was a disgusting little male sneaking outside people's windows this is probably the part where I would give up, go home and have a wank. But this annoying little fellow made a grand exit by crossing the street to my side of the road only to disappear from my sight.

Thus, I've spent the remains of the night waiting for our glass door to shatter into a million little pieces and experience a rape in a house without neighbors.
That still hasn't happened and I've successfully texted a lot of people I shouldn't have texted to make the time go by. So my hobbit free life lasted for about ten minutes.

Enough for one night, I'll return to the knife and frying pan next to my bed and try to sleep.

Don't be a perverted window watcher

xx Fan

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Perverted minds

Blue Fever on..Posted by Stella Wed, April 27, 2011 23:13:27
I just don't get the satisfaction some people get from acting five years below their age. It's such a weird fetish...

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Blue Fever on..Posted by Stella Wed, March 02, 2011 12:51:40
I know I've been goin on about March a lot lately. I think I might just turn it into a category and have it over with. It's funny how it's always true what they (I) say about March. Yesterday was the first day of this horrible month, and true to it's tale, the misery started.

Alter at the best
Into some lesser thing
prove that I lie

Nope, time to call it quits and get moving again.

Swedish summer is priceless!

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Insane in the membrane

Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Sat, February 26, 2011 09:17:41
I just got back from work, tired as fuck and I just logged on to the blog cos I had to post a certain video just in case anyone's missed it. Turns out Gibs already did. YONKERS! Now that's fucking weird. Anyway THANK FUCK for Odd Future, Wolf Gang here to fucking save hip hop. It's Wu-tang, Cypress, Mos Def, Biggie and Pharrell in one! AND they've teamed up with Roots. It's mad but all of a sudden HIP HOP IS BACK BITCHES! HA!!!

HIP HOP IS BACK!!! AAARHRHRHHHHH I*M SO FUCKING EXCITED! It's what it used to be again!!! FUCK ME"! It's like being back in the 90's!

Sleep tight sleep tight!

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I Just Can't Get Enough

Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Tue, February 01, 2011 17:46:08
I woke up after a great night/morning to find this in my inbox! Cheers Fan!

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past present future

Blue Fever on..Posted by Stella Thu, January 27, 2011 12:11:31
January 27 is the official remembrance day of the Holocaust.

"Ideologisk upphetsning, en blind läsning av recept för hela mänsklighetens botande har lett till 1900-talets katastrofer. Förstöra det befintliga, ersätta det med en abstrakt ordning och överlämna det åt en diktator som trots sin brutalitet syftar till mänsklighetens bästa – det har lockat många. De som mist tron på sig själva flyr till en stor idé som inte tål kritik. Tomma liv får mening." - Per Wästberg

After the end of the second world war, when the smoke cleared, people seemed to finally wake up. Then the full force of what had actually happened slapped most people right in the face. And they swore to never let anything as horrible as the holocaust happen again.
Yet, it does. Every day it does. Governments all around the world exercises their power through something that at best could be called unconventional methods, but that usually is a lot closer to pure evil.
There are a lot of things that we can't do to help all the people that fall victim to this. But the least we can do is to not forget that they exist. And remember how terribly wrong things go when millions of people believe in empty words fabricated by those who care for no one but themselves. And their way to control.
Remember to always question the so called facts you get served from your TV. Because when the BNP, or the Swedish Democrats tell you that there is a difference between people and people, or question the fact that emigration from war zones and oppression is a human right, they are wrong.
Stay sharp. And don't forget the millions of people who have died for you to be able to do it. Let them be a constant reminder of the value of freedom.

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WoRds Of WisDom a LilY aLLeN FaN StyLe

Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Thu, January 27, 2011 04:28:40

You can't get pregnat in the bum bum

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Pick up lines Pt 2

Blue Fever on..Posted by JD Thu, January 27, 2011 03:55:53
Most men STILL have a lot to learn when it comes to picking up women. Especially barmaids for gods sake. Everyone's chatting up the barmaid. You got to be pretty fucking special to succeed. Here are some of the shit I've been confronted with since I started working at Koko. Some of them are frequently occurring others are rarities. RG = Random Guy

(the boy in the pic is a very nice boy and is not guilty of ever using any of the following lines/methods as far as I know)

RG: What the fuck is this?! Camden's next top model? You're fucking gorgeous!

RG: Five forsters and your number please.

RG: If I guess your name right will you go on a date with me.

RG: A note saying: I might love you in Swedish.
When I didn't get back to him and wouldn't give him my number he refused to leave the bar so my supervisor forced me to give him my facebook so he would go away so we could close the bar.

RG: 3 vodka and soda with some lime and your number on the side.

RG: Where do you live?
Moi: I live down in Kingston.
RG: Are you really going all the way back to Kingston?! Just stay at mine..

RG: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggh!!
Moi: What
Moi: Sorry?
RG: Aaaaaahhh I just wanna eat you! Give me a kiss!

RGs: We löööööv yuu!!!
They left a napkin on the bar top on which they'd written "Frenchies" and three different numbers.

RG:*sigh* Your movements are so endearing...

RG making a rose out of a red napkin.
Moi: Aww thank you!
RG's friend: I can't make you a rose but I give you everything that's in my heart!

RG: I know that you probably get this alot and blablabla (kept on ranting for about five minutes...but can I get your number?
Moi: No sorry.
RG: Okay, do you have a pen?
Moi: No sorry, no pen.
Half an hour later he comes back all sweaty, leans over the bar top catching his breath.
RG:I found a pen here's my number. Call me.

RG: Give me your number.
Moi: No sorry I never give my number to costumers.
RG: Yeah yeah give me your number.
Moi: Sorry but I won't do that. You can't have my number.
RG takes out his business card and says: Just write your number on that.
The previous conversation was repeted several times before another costumer came to the rescue.

RG: I'm not even gonna ask for your number. Here's my card give me a call.
Apparently he was a plumber.

RG types on his iPhone: Hi what's your name, can I buy you a drink and how many guys have tried to pick you up tonight.
Moi: My name is Ylva. I'm not allowed to drink and too many.
RG: Sounds like a challenge. Do you wanna go for a drink sometime?
Moi: No thanks.
RG: Does it matter that I'm famous? I did heroin with Robbie Williams.
Moi: No.

RG: Same bar tomorrow?

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