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Blue Fever

Festival Madness Part III

MusicPosted by Gibson Fri, August 26, 2011 09:08:07

Good Morning Punters!

[Here comes an update that originally was meant for yesterday but is coming up now, I'll try to write a little update for today and post i tonight.]

Oh the madness has actually begun and I'm the only one not feeling it yet. I may have landed the easiest job at the festival, chatting with punters, volunteers, eating candy, updating twitter, keeping an eye on the situation and just cillaxing. We'll definitely have to change that till next year since there's been a whole lot of people crashing and burning with endless piles of stuff to do. Yesterdays expected pressure release at Södra Teatern did not happen. I had higher hopes for that day which means that two hours before Arcade Fire might be the fucking nightmare before Christmas today.

After a long day of hard work we installed ourselves at the hotel. My room (which I share with Arina) could be described as heavenly. We have this massive window overlooking the whole festival area, the big stage and the suburbs. How incredibly convenient it must be to check in here timing the festival. Wouldn't pass on buying some beer and standing on the smoking-balcony and watching Arcade Fire. Both Arina and I love living at hotels and could of course not consider the fact that our wake up call would go off in 5 hours. So sleeping right away after checking in was no option, drinking beer, jumping on the bed, exploring the hotel and listening to music however was totally welcomed.

You know your close to getting the show on the road when you can here them soundcheck from your hotel room. P R E T T Y F U C K I N G E X C I T E D at 1 p.m. the gates open for the public. A lot of people have been wondering why we even bother with this when we're not even getting paid. But the fact is that we ARE getting paid but not in physical money, you know the feeling you get when you've achieved something or when people admire you and are so grateful for making their night the best. That is a payment in itself, a mental payment that boosts your ego (which can be good and bad for some) but also makes you feel useful in this anonymous world we live in. These are hands down one of the best days of the year!

The current weather sees no sunshine but that doesn't mean it won't show or that you won't sweat like a pig because of the humidity. Another thing you may rejoice in is that Fan will be attending the festival as my free guest and since I wont be able to report about anything concerning the actual gigs. She'll probably be the blogs eyes in fron of the stage and I'll be the eyes behind the stage and production. We're all probably looking forward to Arcade Fire tonight therefor the choice of festival song for today will be Arcade Fire inspired. This is an amazing cover on Arcade Fires song. But wait WHO THE FUCK IS THE ARCADE FIRE?!?!?!?!

///The Suburbs - Mr.Little Jeans\\\


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Music from Mars

MusicPosted by Stella Thu, August 25, 2011 19:46:33

These two men loyally accompanied me throughout March this year and so James Blake's almost perverse fascination for odd noises and Justin Vernon's auto tuned voice are very dear to me to say the least. Accordingly, when I heard that they were doing stuff together all the rules for this summer went out the window. "The rules" are really just one big music ban; No Bon Iver, no Fleet Foxes, no Radiohead, no James Blake, no Mean Lady. Basically nothing that under any circumstances could cause me any greater emotional stirs. Well, it was fun while it lasted but it was bound to break eventually. And so, here it is. The colab that could be nothing but beautiful and absolutely fucking fatal.

The weekend hasn't even begun and already I'm crawling around in a hungover state of confusion. I've had a call from the police about a friend who never got home from my "party" and so was listed as missing, hence the upsetting call that woke me up from my alcohol reeking self indulgence. The conversation that followed was slightly bizarre and a bit freaky and before I understood what it was all about I tried to imagine in my head what sort of crimes my friends could have possibly committed on the short way home from my house. But as it turned out the only thing that really happened was my friend Hannes disappearing on a whim because he "couldn't sleep" and so decided to piss off for about 15 hours. Lovely guy that.

Time is catching up on me and I don't like it. But I'm seeing Arcade Fire tomorrow and shouldn't complain. Popaganda 2011 here we go.

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Festival Madness Part II

MusicPosted by Gibson Wed, August 24, 2011 23:45:41


If you didn't know that you could download both of the EP's from The Weeknd, I'm telling you to do it and do it here

Way down south in this little world we live on people are fighting for their freedom and here we are planning a festival. it's surreal and weird to think about how we're all the same but in such different situations depending on your location in this world. When eavesdropping on the Sky News report a minute ago I got this brilliant idea, to forget about the festival and go on that lucrative manhunt for Khaddafi. Imagine £ 1 000 000 for finding that guy dead or alive, I'd be sorted for life man!

Anyway today's been another beautiful day of preparations in for the festival. Everyone's been busy busy getting everything organized before the bands start rolling into Stockholm. Everything is basically bought and the amazing stage workers are building our two stages as we speak (to be honest I don't know how they do it, one of the hardest working people in the crew fo sure). The organizing-crew is moving into the hotel tomorrow which means delicious hotel breakfast (nom nom nom) and some of us have already had their first traditional swim in one of the swimming pools we've got inside the festival area. A.k.a everything is A-okay, swell and dandy!

Tomorrow we'll be setting up a little camp at Södra Teatern handing out wristbands in exchange for a ticket. Which is always good fun and a welcomed opportunity to release some of the pressure we might have on us during friday and saturday. We're hoping that more people will face that hill and not be discouraged by that never ending walk which reminds you of your poor fitness and health. Last year we had around 2000 that came in, we're definitely expecting more and with there being a little pre-party afterwards it should look like a win-win situation for everyone.

Last thing we did these evening was to sort out some riders and rearrang things and by mistake we cut a hole in a bottle of Mnt. Dew. And oh sweet jesus what a tasty soda it is, thank god for which ever band that ordered it! Because instead of letting it all pour out we all had a little sip from that delicious beverage + it got me all hyper now. Or maybe it's just the festival anxiety/excitement that's got me going.

///More festival music here, Delorean filmed by Yourstruly\\\

In other news I haven't got much to share, found this though:

Our two golden boys collabing (and NO I'm not talking about Jay-Z and Kanye)

///James Blake + Bon Iver - Fall Creek Boys Choir\\\

Peace until tomorrow when I'll be writing from the hotel probably


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Festival Madness Part I

MusicPosted by Gibson Wed, August 24, 2011 00:38:38

Good Night, here's a little reader for ya!

It's time for a back to…- post, no matter what it is, back to school, back to uni, back to autumn, back to dull, grey and meaningless everyday work, it's a fresh start. It also means new stuff, new wardrobe, new equipment, new schedule, new trips, new people. We should really change the dates for new years to now instead. For me this is when the new year begins, when you leave slow, hot and lazy days behind you and get creative and actually complete stuff. The curator of the last summer shebang is of course in Stockholm the Popaganda Festival 26-27/8 which I'm a proud member of. It's some few hectic days till we open up and spread the love but If I happen to be too busy (a.k.a. too tired and lazy) to update the blog during this week. Don't fret, because we have someone updating the Popaganda blog with lots of fun stuff everyday now. I will however do my utmost best to not slack off with this.

We have installed ourselves at our temporary at the festival-area and building has already started. The weather has so far been good and we have to hope it'll stay this way through out the week. All the hard work won't really start until thursday for me. That's when we welcome everyone that wants to avoid standing in a MASSIVE queue when Arcade Fire is about to play to get their wristbands in advance. We'll also have some swedish bands playing (Dante, Robert Svensson) as a reward/pre-party for everyone who's been a good boy/girl and got their wristbands. If you follow our blog you may have read something about how I lost my Nikon D3000 at a James Blake concert so now I'm pleasantly forced to use my analog cameras. These will come to good use since they're small and handy, one tomorrows tasks will obviously be buying a bunch of film-rolls.

Here's one of our Headliners doing an acoustic little number:

///Lykke-Li - I Follow Rivers @ Lollapolloza\\\

Okay, enough festival-talk it will be continued tomorrow (I promise). I am however going to stay on the topic of music, today luv luv luv records outed a little Florence + The Machine-teaser for the new album and a new song called "What The Water Gave Me". As the big Florence fan I still am (considering the not so wonderful meeting I had with her last year) I jumped with joy over a new song and jumped even more when it wasn't shit. Hear it for yourselves, form an opinion, will the album stink or just set her of into another dimension of success?

///Florence + The Machine - What The Water Gave Me\\\

Except for that I've also been enjoying Warpaint's re-work on a song they recorded a while back called "Billie Holiday". It's magic, pure magic! I love these girls, could have died to see them at Way Out West this year but nooo I was at home. Hopefully the sun will shine on me and they'll get a gig in Stockholm soon enough. The autumn calendar of gigs is getting better and better by the minute with Yuck, Friendly Fires, The Horrors, PJ Harvey, The War On Drugs, Oh Land, Yelle, Architecture in Helsinki etc etc.

///Warpaint - Billie Holiday\\\

xxx Gibs

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Take me when I die please

MusicPosted by Gibson Sun, August 07, 2011 19:47:14

Haloa loa

As you may have noticed we're going through some kind of musical cleansing. Now a days everything seems to sound the same and when you happen to meet the band (something we've done far too many times) they're…hmmm how should I put it…. a bit off perhaps? I'm really not that keen on going into details but hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say. There's just those days when you have to stop thinking about the present and the future and instead look back at what have passed. Such times are now and they happen to coincide with me having to music-rape the itunes at Beyond Retro (I love you Queen, but we can't have you on repeat forever, can we?). So I've started compiling the most epic retro-playlist taking in everything from 90's rap, 80's pop, 70's flower power-rock, 60's psych-rock, 50's luv lug luv-pop, 40's pre/post-war-bar-smoking-rum and coke drinking-pop, 30's ehh something-pop and finally the happy 20's jazz and everything inbetween.

It's not been an easy task, sleepless nights and countless days just staying in and ignoring the sun has produced a list with more than 300 hundred songs. I can't however take credit from them all, Cheifen had her little hand in there as well. Inevitably some new songs saw there way in to the playlist for example Tame Impalas INCREDIBLE album "Innerspeaker", a bit of the funky Toro Y Moi sounds, Best Coasts and Smith Westerns. Is it just us here at Blue Fever or is everyone else experiencing how slow the music scene of 2011 has been. Nothing really exciting has got me going. A few comebacks and second albums yes but nothing new and fun, 2011 = the rotten year? Maybe I'm completely exaggerating but when I think back to 2010, 2009 and 2008 I remember 2010 and 2008 as amazing while 2009 is kind of bleak in my memory. Hopefully we haven't seen all of what 2011 has to offer, autumn and winter are the months when artists tends to lock themselves up in a cottage and create the most heartfelt music they can squeeze out of their tiny bodies.

Too make even less sense here's some videos I've seen and liked:

///Toro Y Moi - How I Know\\\

///Dominant Legs - Hoop of Love\\\

///Lana del Rey - Video Games\\\



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Do You Love Me?

MusicPosted by Gibson Sun, July 31, 2011 15:03:38

On the subject of twistin' here's another fantastic video of The Contours twisting to their feel good song "Do you love me". Imagine waking up getting dressed, going to work and listening to this all day twisting and singing yourself through the store. You can't? oh well I'm the fortunate son and get to do that most everyday. IT'S THE BEST!

/// The Contours - Do You Love Me

Love y'all always and forevs


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MusicPosted by Gibson Fri, July 29, 2011 00:30:45

OiOiOiOi blog what's up? Not much I suppose since you're not even close to being a real person.

Here's some left-over bloging I've forgot to post after Glasto:

699 days till Glastonbury 2013 is on the go. One way or another I will be there this time, this year I had to relive it in front of my TV. I love those days though when you get to turn up the speakers to MAX and jump around in your living room all alone like a maniac. After a while you're all sweaty and hot just like you've been standing in that massive crowd, wonderful feeling indeed. I went through The Horrors' set, Mumford and sons, Beyoncé, Paul Simon, U2, Coldplay, Elbow, a little bit of The Vaccines, Friendly Fires, Little Dragon and Metronomy. As you can see not even a quarter of what Glastonbury have to offer but enough to get me set on buying tickets for 2013. Such wonderful memories came to mind when seeing these that I couldn't help but cry a little when clutching my drumstick I got at the last Coldplay concert I was at. I know a lot of people have an unfounded hate towards them but hey fuck y'all motherfuckers I like them and will continue doing so for the rest of my life. They've stared me in the right direction for a long time now and I owe them a lot.

This video makes me bear the heat and actually go out and do stuff:

/// Friendly Fires - Hawaiin Air


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Orange Drop - Ginger Girl

MusicPosted by JD Tue, July 26, 2011 23:50:13

Hahaha might not be their best song but somehow the title speaks to me.. Post ironic wink

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MusicPosted by JD Tue, July 26, 2011 23:49:10
If you, like me, are mad about 60s psych pop, might even be part of the reason you moved to a country like, say erhm England.. Maybe that's just me.. Anyway check this out!! I just stumbled over this blog: about 60s and 70s psych pop and with these brilliant compilations which you can download here:

60s Psych Pop Treasures Vol. 1

60s Psych Pop Treasures Vol. 2

60s Psych Pop Treasures Vol. 3

Jeez it's a proper gold mine!


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